From senior management to on-site personnel, a culture of service excellence is on display every day at AFC Construction. We challenge convention, and always looks for a better way to deliver value and a superior experience. And by asking the right questions at the right time, we identify design issues before they become construction problems.

We take pride in being personable, professional, and receptive to the questions and concerns of all stakeholders. It’s who we are, and a recognition that amazing results begin with strong relationships and teamwork.

Serious about Doing Good Work

There is nothing more important than the quality of our work. And it begins with the strength of our team. Carpenters, subcontractors and employees that take immense pride in their work, and bring years of experience to every project. In our industry, it’s the ‘people’ that define success. And its commitment, knowledge and attention to detail that define the AFC Construction employee.

Building Confidence, One Project at a Time

By working collaboratively with all stakeholders, and developing a deep understanding of the clients’ needs, concerns and aspirations, we deliver a level of quality that exceeds expectations. An exceptional ability to problem solve while balancing project costing with quality construction is how we build confidence, one project at a time.

A Commitment to Building Better, Everyday

The importance of what we build demands that it serves individuals, and communities, for today and tomorrow. We view every project as an opportunity to create a stronger connection between people, their environment, and the surrounding community.

The health of our employees, and our firm, demands a proactive approach to safety. WorkSafe BC Regulations is just our starting point. Our Health and Safety Program provides clear and concise protocols for avoiding safety concerns and injury.

Building better also means investing of ourselves, and in our employees. We are proud of our continued contributions to the BC Construction Association, Vancouver Island Construction Association and the Canadian Green Building Council.