Welcome to AFC Construction

When Alan founded AFC Construction, he didn’t envision a ‘traditional’ construction firm. He wanted to create something different. He set out to build a firm that placed the quality of its work above all else, and understood the important of challenging convention and finding a better way to deliver value and a superior experience.

Over the past 13 years, our firm has enjoyed remarkable success. And much of that success can be attributed to Alan staying true to his original vision.

Our business has grown and evolved since it was founded in 2004. And we are proud to say that many of our clients today see us as much more than a construction firm. They consider us a partner, collaborator and trusted advisor.

We’ve have spent a great deal of time and energy over the past six months to better understand the uniqueness of our service delivery, and how best to share our stories of success with those new to our firm. We wanted to make sure that what makes AFC Construction unique is reinforced at every opportunity. A new logo, tagline and website are just a few of the ways we hope to strengthen our brand, and communicate our unique value proposition.

But Building to a Higher Standard is more than just our new tag line. It reflects our approach, and the importance of what we do – constructing buildings that create a stronger connection between people, their environment, and the surrounding community.

Building to a Higher Standard is about asking the right questions at the right time. It’s about being accessible, responsible, and adding value at every opportunity. It’s about solving issues before they become problems, and beginning every relationship with transparency and open communication.

Our new website is more than a reflection of who we are, and the clients we serve. It’s a celebration of the successes we have enjoyed with clients. Our story is their story.

We hope that as you move through the pages of our new home on the web, you see the uniqueness that is AFC Construction.